Friday, September 29th

The Phases of the Moon test will be on Tuesday.

We began the eclipse unit today. Students watched The Universe - Total Eclipse and completed a worksheet.  

They also watched Eclipse - Crash Course in Astronomy and completed a worksheet.


Thursday, September 28th

Science/Honors Science

Students completed a phases of the Moon review - Hiliter Moon presentation and worksheet.


Wednesday, September 27th


Students worked on Phases of the Moon Worksheet Vab.
We handed out 6th Grade SEEd Book. This will act as our text for this school year.

Honors Science

Students finished the EarthKam activity.


Tuesday, September 26th

Science/Honors Science

Phases of the Moon Worksheet - Identifying Moon Phases.
Phases of the Moon worksheet - Moon Phases II.


Monday, September 25th


Students worked on a phases of the Moon worksheet - Ordering Phases of the Moon.

Honors Science

Worked on EarthKam. Students use a camera on the ISS to take pictures of Earth to learn how to analyze satellite images.


Friday, September 22nd

Science/Honors Science

Students watched Bill Nye - The Moon and completed a worksheet.
Students completed Phases of the Moon Worksheet IV.


Thursday, September 21st


Students took a phases review assessment. After the assessment, the worked on phases of the Moon worksheets.

Honors Science

Students began working on the Mars project. We are starting with the What Can We Learn From Images? (Mars and Earth Images) activity.

Wednesday, September 20th

Science/Honors Science

Tuesday, September 19th

Science/Honors Science

Students began working on the Phases of the Moon WebQuest.
Students received the Phases Review Sheet and Study Guide for test on Monday.

Monday, September 18th

Science/Honors Science

Lunar Lollipops – Students made a model of the Moon revolving around the Earth. They saw how and why the Moon changes appearance throughout a month.


Thursday, September 14th

Students read an article, Top 4 Keys to Mastering Moon Phases, and completed a worksheet.
Moon Lab - Bouncing Sunlight. Students demonstrated we see the Moon because of reflected sunlight.


Wednesday, September 13th

Students went outside and observed and recorded the position of the Moon.
Students completed Moon, Earth, & Sun KWL Chart.
Students made a model of the Earth/Moon/Sun system.


Tuesday, September 12th (Substitute)

Science/Honors Science

Students watched MythBusters Ming Dynasty Astronaut and completed a worksheet.

Monday, September 11th

Science/Honors Science

Students finished reading Kids Discover Moon and completing the worksheet.


Friday, September 8th

Science/Honors Science

Students read Kids Discover Moon and completed a worksheet.


Thursday, September 7th

Science/Honors Science

Watched The Day the Moon Was Gone and completed worksheet.

Wednesday, September 6th

Science/Honors Science (Substitute)

Watched MythBusters Dog Myths.

Tuesday, September 5th

Science/Honors Science

Cookie Lab. Students were given three different brands of chocolate chip cookies and had to determine which brand is the best.


Wednesday, August 30th and Thursday, August 31st

Wednesday, August 30th (Substitute)

Science/Honors Science

Watched Head Rush.

Thursday, August 31st (Substitute)

Science/Honors Science

Watched MythBusters - Mythssion Control.

Friday, September 1st

Science/Honors Science

Student completed a Gobstoppers lab.

Tuesday, September 5th

Science/Honors Science

Students worked on a Cookie Lab. Student were given three different brands of chocolate chip cookies. They had to evaluate them using guidelines and determine which is the best cookie.