Tuesday, August 29th

Science/Honors Science

Students completed the Spaghetti Bridge activity.

Students built a bridge. They placed a piece of spaghetti between the two pyramids. The hung a container on the spaghetti and put pennies in the container. They counted how many they put in until it broke the spaghetti. They repeated the process three times.

Next, they placed a piece of fettuccine between the two pyramids and added pennies to the container until it broke. They also repeated the process three times.

Their task was to determine which best supported the weight - spaghetti or fettuccine.

Monday, August 28th

Science/Honors Science

Classroom procedures were discussed with with each class.

Students completed a lab activity, Penny Experimentation Lab

Students investigated the question does soap added into water affect the surface tension of water. Using a pipette, students dropped plain water on a penny, counting how many drops it could hold. They repeated it five times. Next, they do the same thing with the soapy water.