Thursday, May 25th & Friday May 26th

All classes watched When We Left Earth - Home in Space.

Tomorrow's the last day of school. 

I'll be back August 28th.


Wednesday, May 24th

Science/Honors Science
Students worked on the Adopt-an-Element assignment. Students researched an element and made a poster advertising that element.


Tuesday, May 23rd

Science/Honors Science
Students watched When We Left Earth - The Shuttle.

Monday, May 22nd

Students completed the Atoms and Molecules WebQuest.
Honors Science
End of year party for both honors classes.


Thursday, May 18th

Students worked on two atoms worksheets – Atomic Structure Worksheet & Atoms Family Atomic Math Challenge (atom structure handout, element handout).
Honors Science
We were able to get live protists samples for students to observe with microscopes.


Wednesday, May 17th

Students watched a DVD about anti-biotic resistant bacteria, Hunting the Nightmare Bacteria - PBS Frontline. We didn’t have time to watch this during the microorganisms unit.


Tuesday, May 16th

Students watch a DVD about the Periodic Table.
They began working on an Atomic Basics worksheet (atom structure handout, element handout).


Monday, May 15th

Science/Honors Science

Student drew diagrams of twelve atoms.


Friday, May 12th

Students were assigned to look at slides through a microscope and draw what they saw.
Honors Science
With almost ¼ of the class absent today, we watched MythBusters – Hollywood Movie Myths.


Thursday, May 11th

Science/Honors Science
Students watched Building Blocks of Matter, a DVD about atoms and completed a worksheet.
Students completed the Give One/Get One activity. In their science journals, students divided in page into two columns. One column had the heading “Give One” and the other “Get One.” While watching the DVD, student listed 8 to 10 things they learned watching the DVD under the “Give One” column. The students changed groups three times. Each time, each student shared two things they learned from the DVD. If they had not written it down, they recorded it in the “Get One” column.
Using the information from the “Get One”/“Give One” columns, students made an atoms Venn Diagram.


Tuesday, May 9th

Over the next three days, all 6th grade science classes will be looking at microorganisms through a microscope. Today students learned how to use a microscope and identify specimens.


Monday, May 8th

Having finished SAGE testing, I will be experimenting with the new SEED Standards for 6th grade next year. The one I have selected is the Energy and Matter strand (energy and matter SEED strand). We began it to with an Introduction to atoms.
Honors Science
Finished revised Mars presentations.


Wednesday May 3rd & Thursday May 4th

Students completed the Utah SAGE test today (May 4th).


Tuesday, May 2nd

Science/Honors Science
Students watched Cosmic Voyage and completed a worksheet.
They also watched Stars, Light Years and the Milky Way and completed a worksheet.


Monday, May 1st

Science/Honors Science
Students watched Science Court - Seasons and completed a worksheet as a quick review of the seasons unit.
Students watched Observing the Night Sky and completed a worksheet as a quick review of the constellations unit.