Wednesday, March 30th & Thursday, March 31st

1st-5th hour completed a microbes lab - How Does Temperature Affect Yeast? Student watched how yeast grew in warm water and ice water. 6th hour completed a text assignment
1st-5th hour completed a microbes lab - How Does Sugar Affect Yeast? Students placed sugar and yeast in one cup and only yeast in a second. They observed differences in yeast growth. 6th hour completed a text assignment


Tuesday, March 29th

Students watched two episodes of Good Eats.  The two episodes dealt with  food made using microorganisms.  The two episodes were Good Eats - American Pickle/Good Eats - Yogurt - Good Milk Gone Bad. Students also completed a worksheet.


Monday, March 28th

The microorganisms end of unit assessment will be on Friday, April 1st. Students received the Fungi & Protist Review Sheet and Fungi & Protist Study Guide and the Bacteria Review Sheet and Bacteria Study Guide.
Students completed two microbial disease worksheet - What's My Diagnosis?  Students received a list of seven patients with diseases. `Students completed a group microbial disease worksheet - What's Wrong With Allison? (Science of Microbes to get the 15 questions). Allison is sick. Students receive a brief overview of her illness. Using that, and up to 15 possible questions, students diagnose Allison.


Thursday, March 24th

Students worked on the Food Borne Illness Reading and worksheet. They were given a situation and they had to identify how those involved mishandled food.
They also worked on Food Handling guidelines and worksheet. Using the food handling guidelines from Kansas City, MO, students completed a worksheet.


Tuesday, March 22nd

Students worked on two microbe worksheets. The first worksheet was Microbe Fantastic Facts list and worksheet. Students next read 11 gross things that may be on your toothbrush and worksheet.


Monday, March 21st

Today students heard the Characteristics of Microorganisms and took Notes. They began working on the Characteristics of Bacteria, Protists, and Fungi reading and worksheet.


Friday, March 18th

We did a phases of the Moon review today. Students completed the Oreo phases of the Moon activity.


Thursday, March 17th

Students finished reading Kids Discover Microbes and completed the worksheet.


Wednesday, March 16th

Today, students read Kids Discover Microbes and worked on a worksheet.


Tuesday, March 15th

Today, students watched Understanding Bacteria and completed a worksheet.


Monday, March 14th

Students took a microorganisms review quiz.  The purpose of the quiz was to let me see what I needed to review with my students.

We watched two DVDs – Eye of the Cyclops – Protozoan and Algae and Schlessinger Science – Fungi.