Monday, November 23rd & Tuesday, November 24th

Students had a substitute Monday and Tuesday.  Both classes did the same activity.
Monday, November 23rd
Student watched MythBusters - Hair of the Dog and completed a worksheet.
Tuesday, November 24th
MythBusters - Storm Chasing Myth and completed a worksheet.


Wednesday, November 18th & Thursday, November 19th

Students took the SAGE 6th grade science practice test.


Tuesday, November 17th

Students watched two videos, Bill Nye - Gravity and Science Court - Gravity.  Students also completed two worksheets (Nye worksheet; Science Court worksheet).
Honors Science
Students completed the seasons assessments - Direct/Indirect Heat Energy & Rotation and Revolution.


Monday, November 16th

Students completed the Solar System Vocabulary Quiz. They then watched How the Solar System Works and completed a worksheet.
Honors Science
Student began taking the seasons assessments.  The first was Earth’s Orbit and Tilt.


Friday, November 13th

Students went to the USU STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) Fair at the Box Elder County Fairground.  There were numerous exhibits, most having a hands-on activity for students. Student enjoyed the activities.


Wednesday, November 11th & Thursday, November 12th

Wednesday, November 11th

Students finished watching 95 Worlds and Counting and completed a worksheet. They spent the rest of the hour working on their asteroid assignments.
Honors Science
Students watched 95 Worlds and Counting.

Thursday, November 12th

Students finished working on their asteroid assignments. We began our gravity unit with the gravity lecture and notes.
Honors Science
Students completed the EarthKAM activity.


Tuesday, November 10th

Students watched 95 Worlds and Counting and completed a worksheet.
Honors Science
Students began an EarthKAM project.  EarthKAM is a camera aboard the space station.  Students can select places on Earth the space station flies over and request images of that area.  They will use their pictures as a part of their Mars project.


Monday, November 9th

Students continued to work on the layered unit assignments.  They should be working on the C-Layer asteroid and gravity assignments.
Honors Science
Students read Kids Discover Planets magazine and completed a worksheet.


Friday, November 6th

Students in both science classes watched The Universe - 7 Wonders of the Solar System and completed a worksheet.


Thursday, November 5th

Students continued working on planet and asteroids, comets, and meteor assignments.
Honors Science
Students finished the Mapping the Surface of a Planet (images) assignment.


Wednesday, November 4th

Students are finishing the planet assignments.  Student who have completed the planets section are now beginning to work on the asteroids, comets, and meteor assignments.
Honors Science
Students watched The Universe - The Outer Planets and completed a worksheet.


Tuesday, November 3rd

Students continued working on the planet assignments.
Honors Science

We reviewed for the upcoming seasons assessment.


Monday, November 2nd

Students watched Universe - Mars, the Red Planet and completed a worksheet.
Honors Science
Students took the Rotation and Revolution quiz. They also worked on a seasons worksheet - Earth's Rotation.