Thursday, October 29th

Continuing our Solar System unit, today students read Kids Discover Planets and completed a worksheet.
Honors Science
Student continued the Mapping the Surface of a Planet (images) begun Tuesday.


Wednesday, October 28th

Students finished working on their Solar System Vocabulary Graphic Organizer. Students were told to take them home to have them available for studying for quizzes and tests.  They completed a Solar System Vocabulary Criss-Cross Puzzle.
Honors Science
Students made a Sun Angle Analyzer (analyzer).  Unfortunately, it was overcast by the time they finished them.  We will try again on Friday.


Tuesday, October 27th

We began the Solar System unit today Students were given a list of the unit vocabulary. Using that list they completed the Solar System vocabulary graphic organizer.
Honors Science
Student began working on the Mapping the Surface of a Planet (images) assignment.  They are beginning to learn how to analyze geographical features on the surface of a planet.


Monday, October 26th

Today, both classes watched MythBusters - Cylinder Rocket and completed a worksheet.


Thursday, October 22nd & Friday, October 23rd

Thursday, October 22nd
Student began taking the seasons end of unit assessment (Earth's Orbit and TiltDirect/Indirect Heat EnergyRotation/Revolution).
Honors Science
We began the Mapping Surface of a Planet activity. Students are learning how to identify features on the surface of Mars.  They learned about the Three Principles of Geology and took notes during the lecture.

Friday, October 23rd
Students finished the seasons end of unit assessment (Earth's Orbit and TiltDirect/Indirect Heat EnergyRotation/Revolution).
Honors Science
Students completed a seasons worksheet Sunrise, Sunset. Students answered questions about daylight hours in Salt Lake City throughout the year.
The second worksheet, Light and Latitude Across the Continents (data table) gave students two mystery cities.  They graphed the daylight hours in the city and determined if the city was in the northern or southern hemisphere based on hours of daylight in each month.


Wednesday, October 21st

Students will be taking the seasons unit assessments tomorrow.  We reviewed in preparation (seasons PowerPoint; review PowerPoints - first - second - Jeopardy)
Honors Science
Seasons activity - Reasons for the Seasons.


Tuesday, October 20th

Students took the Earth's Orbit and Tilt quiz. The did a review assignment – Seasons Reason readings and worksheet.
Note:  Thursday, October 22nd, students will take the seasons end of unit assessments.  Each student was given a seasons review booklet.  They should review this before taking the assessments on Thursday.
Honors Science
Students completed a seasons lab - Why is Summer Hot?  Using two thermometers at different angles, students measured the temperature of one thermometer facing the Sun.  The second thermometer was placed flat on the ground.  This demonstrated direct/indirect heat energy from the Sun.  The thermometer that faced the Sun was the warmest because it received direct sunlight.  The thermometer flat on the ground was cooler because it received indirect sunlight.


Monday, October 19th

Students took a Rotation/Revolution Quiz. They completed Sunrise, Sunset. This dealt with changes in daylight/nighttime in Salt Lake City throughout the year.
Honors Science
Students completed two seasons worksheet giving them an overview of why we have seasons – What Do You Think? and Earth/Sun Geometry.


Wednesday, October 14th

Students completed a seasons Direct/Indirect Heat Energy Quiz. They then watched MythBusters - Duct Tape Hour and completed worksheet.
Honors Science
Many students did not receive acceptable grades on the MSIP Chapter 4 & 5 worksheet. Those students who did not receive acceptable grades were required to re-do the assignment.


Tuesday, October 13th

Students completed a seasons activity - Reason for the SeasonsUsing a light bulb to represent the Sun, students moved an Earth globe at four different positions representing the location of the Earth at each of the seasons.  After the activity, students completed the season vocabulary quiz.
Honors Science
Students finished reading MSIP Chapter 4 & 5 and completed the worksheet.


Monday, October 12th

Students completed two seasons lab. Why Is Summer Hot? and Tracking the Movement of Shadows Over Time. With Why is Summer Hot, students had two thermometers, one getting direct sunlight and the other getting indirect sunlight.  The other activity had students mark the location of the shadow of a straw over thirty minutes.
Honors Science
Students read MSIP Chapter 4 & 5 and completed a worksheet.


Friday, October 9th

When we come back from fall break, students will take the seasons assessments.  Students were give a Reasons for the Seasons review booklet. The booklet was read and students highlighted important concepts in the booklet.  Students also made three graphic organizers and glued them at the appropriate places in the review booklet ( Direct/Indirect Heat energySeasons Tilt, and  Reverse Seasons.
Honors Science
Students completed the MSIP Resource Manual, Chapter 2 worksheet and MSIP Resource Manual, Chapter 3 worksheet.


Wednesday, October 7th & Thursday, October 8th

Wednesday, October 7th

Students completed a seasons lab - Sun's Height Above the Horizon. Students were give the height of the Sun above the horizon on the summer and winter solstice and the autumnal and vernal equinox. They shined a light on graph paper, identifying how much area would be covered by heat energy from the Sun on all dates. 
Honors Science
Students watched Science Court - Seasons and Bill Nye Seasons and completed a worksheet.

Thursday, October 8th

Students completed two seasons labs.  The first was Seasons Four Times a Year. Students shine a light at four different angles on graph paper.  They counted the squares covered and determined how many square inches was covered based on the angle of the light source.  The second lab was The Shadow Knows. Students shine a light at three different angles.  They shine it at a straw piece.  At each angle, they measured the length of the straw’s shadow.
Honors Science
Students read Chapter 1 & 2 in the MSIP Reference Manual. This covered a history of the study of Mars as well as early space probe exploration of the planet.  They completed a worksheet.


Tuesday, October 6th

Students worked on two worksheets reviewing why we have seasons – Earth-Sun Geometry and What Made Earth Tilt-a-World?

Honors Science – Finished the Identifying Earth Features assignment. (Earth Feature Cards)


Monday, October 5th

Students completed two worksheets dealing with Earth’s tilt and seasons – What Do You Think? & A New Slant on the Seasons.
Honors Science
We began the reason for the seasons unit lecture and notes.


Friday, October 2nd

All students who needed to re-take the scientific method unit assessment took it today.  This took most of the hour.


Flying Over Charon

Thursday, October 1st

Tomorrow students will have the opportunity to re-take the scientific method test. To help students prepare for the test, we spent time reviewing for the re-take.
Honors Science
Students used Earth satellite images to identify Earth features. (Earth Feature Cards)