Wednesday & Thursday January 28th & 29th

Yesterday we completed the constellation and sound units.  Students took the unit final assessments.
We began our reason for the seasons unit with a lecture .  Students took notes during the lecture.
Honors Science – We began our light unit with the principles of light lecture and students taking notes during the lecture.  Students completed a light lab – How does primary-colored light affect what you see?  Students shined red, blue, green, and white light on different color papers (white, red, blue, green).  They recorded what color they saw under different colored lights.


Tuesday, January 27th

We reviewed for the upcoming constellations assessment. (Are You Smarter Than a 6th Grader; Constellations What is TrueConstellations Review, & Constellation Jeopardy).
Honors Science - Reviewed for sound assessment.


Monday, January 26th

Students listened to Do constellations break apart or change podcast and completed worksheet.  They also completed the Constellation Confusion worksheet.
Honors Science - Animal Sounds worksheet.  Students heard six animals and had to identify whether the animal was large or small and whether the pitch of their call was high or low.  Students also listened to podcasts (Sounds – Sound AnalysisAnts & Caterpillars – InterdependenceDwarf Minke Whales – Star Wars Sound; and BATS – Use of Sound and completed worksheet.


Friday, January 23rd

Students took a constellations quiz.  After that was done, students made a 3-D model of the constellation Orion.
Honors Science Students took a sound quiz.  Students completed a sound activity - Making a Bee Hummer (click here for more information).  Using craft sticks, erasers, and rubber bands, students made it.  When it is twirled, it makes a buzzing sound similar to a bee.


Thursday, January 22nd

Students made a 3-D model of the Big Dipper (Straw Stars).  Using straws, they cut them different lengths representing how far away from Earth each star is.
Honors Science – Students completed two sound activities.  The first was Straw Sounds. Students used a straw and made a kazoo.  They next made a Sound Sandwich.  (For more information, click here.)


Wednesday, January 21st

Students present their Adopt-a-Constellation reports to class. 
Honors Science – Students continued researching their science fair project.


Tuesday, January 20th

Students worked on a worksheet and a constellation fact sheet.  Students began working on the Adopt-a-Constellation assignment.
Honors Science Students spent the class researching their science fair projects.


Friday, January 16th

Students took a constellations quiz today.  They listened to three podcasts from Pulse of the Planet.  The podcasts dealt with PleiadesFarming by the Stars, and Star Lore - Orion).  They also completed a worksheet.
Honors Science – We began discussing and preparing for the science fair.  Students had a presentation and notes.


Thursday, January 15th

Today students finished the Winter Constellations I Should Know assignments.
Honors Science Students completed he first four sound experiments in the honors sound worksheets.  Those experiments were Tuning Fork Explorations where students compared two tuning forks of different sizes; Plucker Up – students took one cup, put a string in it and plucked the strings at different lengths to see how pitch changes; King Gong – students made a two cup “earpiece,” placed a hangar on the string, and tapped the hanger to hear the noise; Party Line – students played the old telephone game with cups and string.  They worked with other groups and made quite a big phone line.


Tuesday and Wednesday, January 13th & 14th

Yesterday, I was at the District Office for SmartBoard training, so there was a substitute.  Students watched a Constellation Myths DVD and completed a worksheet. Students than read About Constellations and completed a worksheet.
Honors Science – Students read the sound chapter in the textbook and completed a worksheet.

Today, students entered their answers to their worksheets in the clickers.  They began reading Winter Constellations I Should Know and began working on a worksheet.
Honors Science – Sound lecture and notes.


Monday, January 12th

We finished the Constellations Unit Lecture and notes.
Honors Science – Students were given their microorganisms performance assessment.  Students completed the assessment by filling out the experiment’s worksheet and that will be graded.


Friday, January 9th

We began our constellations unit with a pre-test.  I will compare the final test with the pre-test to measure learning.  Students watched Observing the Night Sky and completed a worksheet. We also began Constellations Unit Lecture and notes.
Honors Science – Students were going to conduct one last microorganisms lab, but there were problems with the lab.  We will try again on Monday.  We watched MythBusters - Banana Slip.


Wednesday, January 7th

Tomorrow, students will take the phases end of unit assessment.  Students completed review assignments (Reviewed for Phases of the Moon end of unit assessment).
Honors Science – Students completed Microorganisms graphic organizer.  They will take the microorganisms unit final assessment tomorrow.


Tuesday, January 6th

Students completed a phases of the moon quiz.  In preparation for the phases end of unit test, students completed a Moon Phases Grapic Organizer.
Honors Science – Student did their Disease Wanted Poster presentations.  Each student shared information about their assigned disease.


Monday, January 5th

We are reviewing for the phases of the Moon end-of-unit test on Thursday or Friday.  Students completed two worksheets - Phases of the Moon Worksheet and Phases of the Moon Review Worksheet
Honors Science – Students began working on Disease Wanted Poster.  Students were assigned a disease and they work on making a wanted poster for that disease.  Once done, they will present their wanted poster to the class.