Wednesday, December 23rd

Students took the speed of light quiz. They completed the Know Your Galactic Address worksheet.
Honors Science
Watched Bill Nye - Planets.



Friday, December 18th

Students completed a size and scale worksheet - Extraterrestrial Excursions.  Students were given the distance of the planets from Earth and had to determine, if they traveled at 25,000 mph, how many hours, days, months, and years it would take to travel to another world.  They added the years to their age to see how old they would be when they arrived.
Honors Science

Students completed a Solar System Quiz. They also completed a Solar Systems worksheet - Riddles, Tours, and Abductions.  Students were given riddles, descriptions of planets as if from a tour guide, and descriptions of planets from a person abducted by aliens.  They had to identify the planet being described.


Thursday, December 17th

As a follow up to yesterday’s activity (How Big, How Far, How Old (images), students watched The Universe - How Big, How Far, How Fast? and completed a worksheet.
Honors Science
Students finished the Mars Image Analysis (images) assignment.


Wednesday, December 16th

Students completed a size and scale of the universe activity – How Big, How Far, How Old (images).
Honors Science
Students completed two Solar System activities – Can You Planet II and Classifying Planets.


Monday, December 14th

Students completed the Completed Clark Planetarium post-test. Their scores will be compared to see what they learned during the field trip.  Students completed a size and scale activity – Solar System on a Map.
Honors Science
Students completed the Completed Clark Planetarium post-test. Their scores will be compared to see what they learned during the field trip.  They also completed a Solar System Worksheet - Can You Planet I.


Thursday, December 10th; Friday, December 11th

Thursday, December 10th

Students watched two DVDs about the size and scale of the universe and completed a worksheet after each DVD.  The first was Galaxies and the Expanding Universe and worksheet. The second was Stars, Light Years, and the Milky Way and worksheet.
Honors Science

Friday, December 11th

Students went on the Clark Planetarium Field Trip.  Students saw the International Space Station IMAX, saw a presentation in the stardome about phases of the Moon and why we have seasons, saw a presentation on the planets at the Science on a Sphere exhibit, and toured the exhibits.


Wednesday, December 9th

Students watched Cosmic Voyage and completed a worksheet.
Honors Science
Students finished the Kids Discover Solar System worksheet.


Tuesday, December 8th

Students finished reading Kids Discover Galaxies and completed the worksheet.
Honors Science
Students finished reading Kids Discover Solar System and finished the worksheet.


Amazing Apollo Video

Monday, December 7th

All four classes completed the Solar System Gravity assessment. We began the size and scale of the universe today.  Students watched Where is Our Place in Space and completed a worksheet.
Honors Science
Students watched 7 Wonders of the Solar System and completed a worksheet.


50 Years of Mars Exploration

Friday, December 4th

We completed the Solar System unit assessments – Asteroids, Comets, and Meteors & Gravity.
Honors Science
Students were given images of the Moon and they determine length and width of features on the Moon – MoonKAM Image Scale Math (images).


Thursday, December 3rd

Students completed the Solar System Assessment - Planets.
Honors Science
Students finished the Mars activity - Image Scale Math.


Wednesday, December 2nd

Students completed their planet poster presentations.  We started the Size & Scale of the Universe unit.  Students read Kids Discover Galaxies and started working on a worksheet.
Honors Science
Students received information about a science fair project – a lecture and notes. Students also received a Science Fair How-To Guide.


Tuesday, December 1st

We continued planet poster presentations.
Honors Science

Student worked on a Mars activity - Image Scale Math.  Students need to be able determine the scale of an image to be able to determine size of features in the image.

Monday, November 30th

Thursday, December 3rd, students will take the Solar System unit tests.  There will be three tests – one about planets; one about comets, meteors, and asteroids; one about gravity.  Students received the study guide and data sheet. Students must return the first page of the study guide, signed by parents, on Thursday.  It must be turned in on Thursday. No parent signature paper will be accepted late.
Students began the planet poster presentation.
Honors Science
We began the Solar System unit.  Students read Kids Discover Solar System and began working on a magazine worksheet.