Wednesday, September 30th

There has been a problem with too many students not taking the time needed to properly complete assignments.  Any student who received a 2 proficiency or lower was required to redo the text book assignment worksheet.
Honors Science
We reviewed for the Scientific Method Test re-take.


Tuesday, September 29th

Students read section 2.1 of the Space Science textbook.  This dealt with the seasons.  Students completed a worksheet based on their reading.
Honors Science
Students are learning how to interpret and describe specific features in satellite images.


Monday, September 28th

Students watched two videos and completed worksheets – Science Court - Seasons (worksheet) and Bill Nye - Seasons (worksheet).
Honors Science
Watched MythBusters - Swimming in Syrup and worksheet.


Thursday, September 24th

Students watched MythBusters - Beat the Radar Detector and completed a worksheet.
Honors Science
Students finished the Mars activity - What Are Satellite Images? (Earth Image Set).


Wednesday, September 23rd

We finished the scientific method unit today.  Students took the unit assessment.
Honors Science
Students completed the M&M Graphing Assignment.


Tuesday, September 22nd

Students completed the M&M Graphing Assignment. Each group was given a bowl of M&Ms and counted each color. They graphed their results.  Then, the class results were combined and students graphed the results from the entire class.
Honors Science
Students complete a Mars activity – What Are Satellite Images? (Earth Image Set). Students are learning how to identify geological features in satellite images.


Monday, September 21st

Students worked on a lab activity - Cookie Lab. Students were given three different brands of chocolate chip cookies.  They were given a series of tests to determine which cookie was the best.  They were then given a list identifying each brand and the cost per cookie. They answered a number of questions analyzing their results.


Thursday, September 17th

Students completed a scientific method quiz.  Students had to identify whether situations were examples of observations or inferences.  They also had to identify examples of quantitative (numerical) or qualitative (opinion) data.
Honors Science
Students completed a Mars activity - What Are Satellite Images?  Using the Earth Image Set and the Mars Image Set, students compared and contrasted photos of Mars and Earth, identifying similarities and differences.


Wednesday, September 16th

Students took a graphing quiz.
Student watched Lab Equipment Safety and completed a worksheet.
Honors Science
Students completed two graphing assignments - Sleepy Habits, Movie Attendance, & World Population and Eagles and Rabbits.


Tuesday, September 15th

We finished the graphing assignments today.  Students completed answer questions about graphs – Sleepy Habits, Movie Attendance, & World Population.  The next assignment required students, using a table, to complete a line graph, bar graph, and pie chart – Eagles and Rabbits.
Honors Science
We began the Mars Project today.  Student were introduced to Mars by watching The Universe - The Red Planet Mars and completing a worksheet.


Friday, September 11th

Students watched Mythbusters - Tablecloth Chaos and completed a worksheet.


Thursday, September 10th

Student completed two graphing assignments using data tables, Gold & Planets and Flowers & Ice Cream.


Wednesday, September 9th

Students began learning about data tables and graphing.  We began with the graphing lecture. They completed a graphing assignment – Plant Growth.  Using a data table, students graphed the information in the table.  They began a data table assignment – Going for the Gold/A Look at the Planets.  Using the data in the table, students answered questions about the tables.


Tuesday, September 8th

We finished up the Scientific Method Workbook today.  Students completed Controls and Variables. Students were given various scenarios and had to answer questions, identifying the parts of the scientific method the scenarios represented.
Scientific Method Worksheet - False Assumptions Could Get You In Trouble. Students were given three brain teasers and had to come up with the correct answer.  The purpose of this activity is to remind students never assume anything when doing science.


Friday, September 4th

Students worked on two scientific method worksheets.

The first dealt with Observation and Inference. Students were given a dinosaur scene and had to determine if statements about it were observations or inferences.
  • Inference – Assume a fact – without proof – based on previous experience.
  • Observation – To watch or look at something to get information. 
The next worksheet dealt with identifying Quantitative and Qualitative Data. 
  • Qualitative Data – Data that cannot be expressed by numbers (the flower smells nice – pepperoni pizza is the best type of pizza – Baseball is a better sport than football.)
  • Quantitative Data – Data that can be expressed by numbers (There are 30 students in my class; I weigh 98 pounds; I ate a pound of potatoes.)


Thursday, September 3rd

Students watch Mythbusters – Confederate Rocket and completed a worksheet.

The American Civil War was fought with polished bayonets, unreliable muskets and bulky cannons. But was that all? Not according to the Mythbusters: Adam, Jamie and the build team join forces to find out if the Confederate Army had a secret deadly weapon.


Wednesday, September 2nd

Students worked on two scientific method worksheets. The first worksheet, Introduction to the Scientific Method, introduced the work of Francesco Redi.  He helped establish living things can only come from other living things.

The second worksheet, Identify the Scientific Method, consisted of statements.  Students had to match the part of the scientific method the statement represented.


Tuesday, September 1st

Students were given a challenge activity, the Marshmallow Towers. Using 100 toothpicks and 2 cups of mini-marshmallows, they were to construct the tallest tower possible.

For the remainder of the time, we watched Head Rush - Exploding Glass.