Thursday, May 28th

The last five days, students have been watching Traveler’s Guide to the Planets.  They saw episodes about each of the seven planets.  That was in preparation for today’s assignment.

Students began working on a Solar System Travel Brochure (sample & data sheet).  Students selected a planet and they are making a travel brochure encouraging people to come to their planet.  They are supposed to come up with ideas for people to do, what they should bring, etc. 

It is due at the end of class tomorrow.


Monday, May 18th

Today students watched The Universe - The Milky Way and completed a worksheet. We’ll be working on a short unit about galaxies.  This video was an introduction to that unit.


Monday, May 4th

Today students completed sound activities.  The first was the animal challenge.  They heard sounds made by six animals and had to identify whether the sound was a high or low pitch as well as if the animal was large or small.  They completed three sound labs – Plucker Up – students placed strings in a plastic cup, keeping it in place with a paper clip.  They plucked the string and listened to the sound.  They adjust the length of the string to see how pitch changed; King Gong – students made earphones out of two cups and string.  A hangar was hung on the string and another group member taped the hangar with a metal spoon.  The final activity was the old “telephone” game – Party Line.  Students used two cups to make one line.  Each member of the group added a phone line and they talked to each other.  These activities demonstrated sound and vibrations.
Honors Science – Students completed a gravity worksheet – Gravity Explorations.  Students multiplied their weight by the gravity difference on each planet to determine how much they would weigh.  Then, they determined how far they could jump on Earth.  They took that distance and used it to determine how far they could jump on other planets and moon.


Friday, May 1st

Students took a Heat, Light, and Sound Quiz. They completed two light labs, See Through and How Does Primary Colored Light Affect What You See?  They completed a sound lab - Tuning Fork Observations.
Honors Science – Students took a Solar System Quiz.  They finished the gravity lab - Staying Up While Falling Down. They continued to work on the Standard IV-VI review book (Review Booklet).