Friday, February 27th

Students read an article, 11 Gross Things that Could Be on Your Toothbrush and completed a worksheet.
Honors Science – Students did a constellation activity - Orion Star DistancesThe model showed how the stars in Orion are different distances from Earth.


Thursday, February 26th

Students took a bacteria quiz.  We finished the Bacteria Presentation Student completed a Shape of Bacteria Graphic Organizer during the presentation. Students started working on the 30 Top Places to Find Bacteria in Your Home worksheet.
Honors Science – We finished the science fair projects presentations.


Wednesday, February 25th

We finished the Bacteria PresentationDuring the presentation, students finished the Bacteria Graphic Organizer.
Honors Science – Students continued presenting their science fair projects to the class.


Monday, February 23rd & Tuesday, February 24th

There was a substitute in class yesterday.  All science classes watched Frontline - Hunting the Nightmare Bacteria.
I reviewed the topics covered in the seasons assessment, part 3 and, after the review, students retook the test.  We began a Bacteria PresentationDuring the presentation, students started to complete a Bacteria Graphic Organizer.
Honors Science – Students began presenting their science fair projects to the class.


Thursday & Friday, February 19th & 20th

Yesterday, students went into the computer lab visited The Microbe Zoo and completed a worksheet.  Today, students visited three websites – Biology4Kids, Fun Facts About Fungi and The Smallest Page on the Web and completed a Microorganisms Internet Scavenger Hunt worksheet.
Honors Science – Students worked on the hero constellation assignment and presented their constellations in class.


Wednesday, February 18th

Today was spent re-teaching the seasons unit for students who needed to retake the test.  We completed parts 1 & 2 of the test.
Honors Science – Students finished the Adopt-a-Constellation assignment presentations. Students watched Constellations Myths and began working on the hero constellation assignment.


Tuesday, February 17th

Students watched Understanding Bacteria and completed a worksheet.
Honors Science – Students completed the Adopt-a-Constellation assignment.  Students were assigned a constellation and they completed the adopt-a-constellation worksheet and presented their constellation to the class.


Friday, February 13th

To get an overview of microorganisms, students read Kids Discover Microbes and completed a worksheet.
Honors Science – Students made (Make an Astrolabe) an astrolabe.  They used the astrolabe to complete the Use an Astrolabe assignment and worksheet.  Students were given a homework assignment to use their astrolabe to measure objects in the night sky (homework assignment).


Thursday, February 12th

Students completed the Microorganisms Overview assignment.  After learning about the characteristics of living things, they watched Science Court - Living Things and completed a worksheet.
Honors Science – Students learned about winter constellations by completing Winter Constellations I Should Know and worksheet.


Wednesday, February 11th

We finished the last part of the seasons end-of-unit test.  We are beginning our microorganisms unit.  Students took a microorganisms pre-test.  I plan to compare the pre-test and end-of-unit assessments to measure progress.
Honors Science – Students watched two DVDs, Observing the Night Sky and History of Astronomy. Students also completed an introductory assignment, About Constellations.


Monday, February 9th

We wrapped up our seasons unit today.  Students made some graphic organizers form them to review before taking the test tomorrow.  These are:  Four-Door Shutterbook
Honors Science – Students completed the last light lab, Laser Jell-OThey studied refraction by shining a laser pointer through the Jell-O.  In preparation for the end-of-unit test tomorrow, student completed review light notes and completing a Worksheet.


Friday, February 6th

We began to learn about how the change in daylight hours are also responsible for the season.  Students completed Sunrise, Sunset. They were given daylight and sunset times throughout the year and completed a worksheet.  They also completed a seasons vocabulary Criss-Cross Puzzle.
Honors Science – Students had a light quiz today.  They finished the Decoding Secret Messages assignment.


Thursday, February 5th

Students completed a seasons lab – Catching Some RaysIt was similar to yesterday’s lab.  The difference was instead of two thermometers, students had four and different angles.  The angles were 90o, 60o, 30o, and 0o.  They checked temperatures and completed their worksheet.
Honors Science – Students completed a light and color lab, Decoding Secret MessagesStudents were given five diagrams with numbers representing color.  They colored the diagrams and, using red and green filters, read the word or saw the picture.


Wednesday, February 4th

Students completed a seasons lab today:  Why Is Summer Hot?  They were given two thermometers, one flat and the other at an angle.  The one flat received indirect heat energy.  The one on an angle received direct heat energy.  They were able to measure the difference using temperature.
Honors Science – Students completed two light refraction lab.  The first was the Incredible Reappearing PennyStudents placed a penny in a bowl.  They move until they no longer could see the penny.  They added water and watched the penny reappear due to refractions.  The other lab was It's BentThis was a two-part activity.  In the first part, they filled a transparent cup with different amounts of water and placed a straw in each cup.  They checked to see if the amount of water affected refraction.  The second part involved a cup with water, cooking oil, shampoo, and corn syrup.  Straws were placed in each cup.  Their task was to observe the refraction and determine if the thickness of the liquid affected refraction.


Tuesday, February 3rd

Students completed two seasons activity demonstrating how the angle of the Sun affects how much heat energy we receive from the Sun.  The labs were The Shadow Knows & Sun's Height Above the Horizon.
Honors Science – Students one light lab started yesterday – Finished Enlightened Explorations I.  Students completed a light lab exploring Why is the Sky Blue.


Monday, February 2nd

Students completed two seasons labs.  The first, Demonstrating Earth's Motion Around the Sun, had students model the position of the Earth and Sun at each season.  The second, Season Lab - Seasons Four Times a YearStudents shined a flash light on graph papers at four different angles.  They circled the light and counted how many squares were covered.  They then calculated how many square inches on the graph paper was covered at each angle.  Students found the larger the angle, the smaller area covered on the graph paper.  This demonstrates why we have direct and indirect sunlight.
Honors Science – Students began a light lab - Enlightened Explorations I.  They began by seeing the angle of incidence (the angle the light hits the object) equal the angle of reflection (the angle the light leaves the object).  Using a protractor, a laser pointer, and a mirror.  They shined the laser pointer at different angles.