Thursday, December 18th

Students made a Forward/Backward Phases BookThe book shows the position of the Earth, Moon, and Sun at each phase.  Students took them home to review.
Honors Science – Students completed a microorganisms worksheet - Perils at the Picnic. Students were given the situation of a picnic and had to identify the things that were done that could cause food contamination.  They began working on making Healthy PostersThere are four posters – a poster about the proper cooking and storing foods, a poster identifying how you catch diseases, a poster identifying the importance of handwashing, and a poster identifying when you need to wash your hands.


Wednesday, December 17th

Students worked on a phases of the Moon worksheet, December Calendar 2014.  Using a calendar showing the Moon phase for each day in December, students completed the worksheet.
Honors Science – Student took a microorganisms quiz. They also completed a History of Microorganisms Timeline as a follow-up to yesterday’s lecture.


Tuesday, December 16th

Students completed two phases of the Moon worksheets.  The first, Identify Phases of the Moon Worksheet VI, had students identify Moon phases based on the position of the Moon, Sun, and Earth. Students also graphed how long each Moon phase lasts.
Honors Science – Students checked their molding bread and agar plates with the antibiotic discs.  They took notes during the History of Microorganisms lecture.  The lecture identified key scientists that helped us better understand microbes.


Monday, December 15th

All 6th grade students went on a field trip to the Clark Planetarium.  Students explored the exhibits, saw the Space on a Sphere, and a star show about reason for the seasons and constellations.


Wednesday, December 10th

Students worked on phases of the Moon worksheets.  The three worksheets (Identify Phases of the Moon, Identify Phases of the Moon I, and Matching Moon Phases) showing pictures and giving descriptions of each phase.
Honors Science – Students read two articles, People Don’t Wash their What and 7 Gross Things That Could Be on Your Toothbrush and completed a worksheet.


Tuesday, December 9th

I was at SmartBoard training at the District Office today, so there was a substitute in class.  Students read and completed a phases of the Moon assignment in the textbook.
Honor’s Science Students read and completed a microorganisms assignment in the textbook.


Monday, December 8th

We began our phases of the Moon unit today.  Students took notes during the lecture.  Students also began watching Bill Nye - Moon.
Honors Science – Students watched three microorganisms DVDs - Eye of the Cyclops - Protozoans; Fungi; Bill Nye - Germs.


NASA Successfully Completes First Test Flight of Orion

Friday, December 5th

We finished our space exploration unit today.  Students took the unit final assessment.
Honors Science – Students completed the Spice Up Your Life lab.  They observed their results and shared them with the class.  They observed live protozoan samples.


Thursday, December 4th

We finished up our space exploration unit today.  Students read an article about the discovery of the first asteroid, It Was a Dark and Starry NightThe also read an article about why, after the first five were discovered, over 40 years passed before others were found, What Can You See With a Telescope?
Honors Science – Students began a microorganisms lab - Spice Up Your Life. The purpose of the lab is to see how different spices affect the growth of bacteria.  The rest of the class students observed live protozoan samples.


Wednesday, December 3rd

Students watched MythBusters - Moon Landing. They investigated claims that the Moon landing was faked.  Students also completed a DVD worksheet.
Honors Science – Students continued looking at prepared microbe slides and completed a worksheet.  As a part of the worksheet, students were required to draw a picture showing what they have seen.


Tuesday, December 2nd

We discussed the difference between a reflecting and refracting telescope.  Students read a handout and completed a Telescope Graphic Organizer. Students read two issues of the Star Witness News (Hubble's One-Millionth Observation and Hubble's 100,000th Orbit ) and completed a worksheet for each issue (One-Millionth Observation worksheet and  Hubble's 100,000th Orbit worksheet.)
Honors Science – Students began observing prepared microbe slides and completed a worksheet.


Monday, December 1st

We began our space exploration unit today with an introduction.
Honors Science – Students began a microorganisms lab - What Is Growing on my Bread?  Each group was given four slices of bread.  They patted one slice with their hands; they wiped one slice on the flood; on students licked both sides of the slice; nothing was done with the fourth slice.  They were placed in bags and put in a dark container.  They will observe them periodically over the next two weeks.  The also completed an activity - What's Wrong With Allison?  Students were told Allison is sick.  Through asking questions and reviewing disease symptoms, they determine what’s wrong with Allison.