Friday, August 29th

Students worked on two scientific method assignments.  The first dealt with the difference between an observation and an inference.  An observation is something you actually see.  An inference is when you come to a conclusion without all the facts based on your experiences.  Using two pictures of a Dinosaur Scene and they determined if statements were examples of an observation or and inference.
They second worksheet dealt with quantitative and qualitative observations.  A quantitative observation is one that can be measured (length, width, distance, age, etc.).  A qualitative observation is more like an opinion (that smells nice, I don’t like pizza, etc.).  They completed a Quantitative and Qualitative Observations worksheet identifying which of ten statements are quantitative or qualitative statements.


Thursday, August 28th

Students worked on two scientific method worksheets, Introduction to the Scientific Method and Can You Spot the Scientific Method (click here for a copy of the assignments).

The first worksheet gives students an example of a scientific experiment and they answer six questions about the example.

The second assignment gives students a statement and they determine which part of the scientific method is represented by that statement.


Wednesday, August 27th

Today, students watched a lab equipment safety DVD and completed a video worksheet.


Tuesday, August 26th

Welcome back to school!

Today was a quiet day.  I reviewed class rules and information about how things work in my classroom.  Student received the disclosure statement.  We also began discussing the scientific method.