Friday, May 30th

Today was the last day of school.  I'll be back the end of August.


Thursday, May 29th

Students watched MythBusters - Green Hornet Special.  Today classes were shorter because of an award assembly in the afternoon.
Honors Science - Students launched their bottle rockets with the eggs.  Students had mixed success with their eggs.


Tuesday, May 27th & Wednesday, May 28th

Yesterday, students watched The Universe - Ride the   Comet and completed a DVD worksheet.  Today they watched Mythbusters – Ancient Death Ray.
Honors Science – The last two days, students having been building another bottle rocket.  Their assignment is to launch their rocket carrying an egg and recover the egg without it being broken.  Most finished their rockets today.  We will launch tomorrow.


Friday, May 23rd

Today students watched 95 Worlds and Counting and completed a DVD worksheet.  This is a new worksheet I put together to better emphasize topics we study in our Solar System unit.
Honors Science – Students successfully launched bottle rockets.


Thursday, May 22nd

Students finished the graphing activities started yesterday.  They also took a graphing quiz.
Honors Science – Students began working on their bottle rockets.


Wednesday, May 21st

Today we completed three graphing activities, Sleepy Habits, Movie attendance, and World Population.  There were three different graphs:  a line graph, a bar graph, and a pie chart.


Tuesday, May 20th

Today we did graphing activities.  We started with a short lecture and notes.  Then students worked on two activities.  The first activity consisted of looking at two tables and answering questions about the table.  The second activity consisted of answering questions about one table and one line graph.


Friday, May 16th

Today, students looked at prepared slides of protozoans, fungi, algae, and bacteria.  Their assignment was to draw a picture of what they saw through the microscope and write a description of what they saw.


Thursday, May 15th

We began working with microscopes.  Students completed Identifying Mystery SlidesStudents were given four slides, observed them, and determined what they were.  The first slide was table salt.  The second slide was white sugar.  The third slide was sand.  The fourth slide was a piece of meteorite.
Honors Science – We finished Pizza Box Solar Oven activities.  Students made hot dogs and biscuits.  The hot dogs warmed up but we didn’t have enough time to fully bake the biscuits. 


Tuesday, May 13th

Students did a microorganisms activity, What's Wrong With Allison? (click here and go to page 42 for more information).  Students are given some facts about Allison and, using a symptoms table and a series of questions, they identify Allison’s illness.
Honors Science – Students made s’mores in their Pizza Box Solar Ovens.


Monday, May 12th

Students worked the Attackers & Defenders Crossword puzzle (see pg. 41 - clues).  This is a microorganisms activity.
Honors Science – Students made Pizza Box Solar Ovens.


Thursday, May 8th

Today students had a day off.  They earned it by working hard over the last month to six weeks preparing for SAGE testing.


Tuesday, May 6th & Wednesday, May 7th

Students completed the required SAGE testing.


Monday, May 5th

Today was the final review for the SAGE test tomorrow and Wednesday.  We went through three PowerPoint games, Deal or No Deal, Jeopardy and Are You Smarter Than a 6th Grader.


Friday, May 2nd

We reviewed for the SAGE test on Tuesday.  We watched Bill Nye - Comets and Meteors and completed a worksheet and Science Court - Seasons and completed a worksheet.


Thursday, May 1st

Today, students completed a sound worksheet - Animal Challenge. Students hear sound made by six different animals.  They had to determine if the animal was large or small based on the pitch and identify if the pitch was high or low.  The sound lab was Plucker UpStudents placed a string at the bottom of a cup.  It’s held in by tying the string around a paper clip.  They pluck the string and adjust the string’s length using their fingers.  The final sound lab was Party LineThis was the old telephone game.  Students connect three or more cups and talk over them. 
These activities demonstrated vibrations and pitch.