Monday, March 31st

Students conducted two conduction labs.  The lab activity How Can You Have an Ice Cube Race? had students fill one cup with tap water and place an ice cube in the cup.  They also placed an ice cube in an empty cup.  They observed it until the first one melted (the ice cube in water).  This demonstrated water is a good conductor and air is a good insulator.
The second lab activity was Who's the Conductor?  Students placed hot water in a paper cup, glass, plastic cup, metal plan and a Styrofoam cup.  After a few minutes, they touched the cup to determine if heat was conducted through the object.
Honor's Science – Students completed a microorganisms lab - The Yeast of Our WorriesThey placed five drops of two different types of cleaning fluid in yeast.  They observed its growth over thirty minutes to determine how the cleaning fluid affected the growth of yeast.


Friday, March 28th

Students watched Bill Nye – Heat and completed a worksheet.  The DVD served as a review of yesterday’s lecture.  After the DVD, students took a short quiz about heat transfer.
Honors Science – Students completed two microorganisms labs - How Does Sugar Affect Yeast? and How Does Temperature Affect Yeast?


Thursday, March 27th

We began our heat, light, and sound unit.  We began with the Heat lecture and students completed a set of notes.
Honors Science – Students checked the banana’s in the Yeast Beast experiment.  One banana piece of banana was placed in one bag and a second piece was placed in a second bag and covered with yeast.
Students began the Spice Up Your Life lab activity.  Students placed a bacterial sample (Bacillus subtillis) on an agar plate.  Half of the plate was covered with a spice.  Each group had a different spice.


Monday, March 24th

Students completed the General Microorganisms Worksheet. The worksheet required students to identify which microbe is used in making which food, which microbe causes which disease, and which scientist accomplished what that helped us learn more about microorganisms.  Students also watched Good Eats - The American Pickle and completed a worksheet.
Honor's Science – Students completed an Amoeba, Euglena, and Paramecium Worksheet.


Friday, March 21st

Students completed the Microorganisms, Part I Unit Assessment.
Honors Science – Students completed the Bacteria, Fungi, and Protist Characteristics worksheet.  Students then watched Classifying Monerans and Protists DVD.


Wednesday, March 19th & Thursday, March 20th

Wednesday, students finished working on the Smallest Page on the Web and worksheet.  They began working on the Biology4Kids website worksheet.
Honor's Science – Began A Visit to the Microbe Zoo worksheet.
Thursday, students finished the Biology4Kids website worksheet. They watched Good Eats - Yogurt - Good Milk Gone Bad and completed a worksheet.
Honors Science – Finished the A Visit to the Microbe Zoo worksheet.


Tuesday, March 18th

Students completed an internet assignment.  They completed a worksheet by visiting the Smallest Page on the Web website.  When they completed that assignments, the continued working on the What is a Microbe booklet and worksheet.
Honor's Science – We finished Introduction to Microorganisms lecture.  They also watched Science Court - Living Things.


Monday, March 17th

Students watched Classifying Monerans and Protists DVD and completed a DVD worksheet.
Students began reading the What is a Microbe booklet and complete a worksheet.
Honor's Science – Continued the Introduction to Microorganisms lecture.


Friday, March 14th

Students watched two videos – Fungi and Science Court – Living Things.  Students completed a video worksheet for each video.
Honors Science – We began the microorganisms unit with the Introduction to Microorganisms lecture.


Thursday, March 13th

Science students took a microorganisms quiz.  Students worked on making Microbe Graphic Organizers. They made a four-door book about bacteria, fungi, and protists.  They also made a protist three-tab book.
Honors Science - Watched Mythbusters - Bottle Bash.


Wednesday, March 12th

Students completed a microorganisms lab - A Yeastly Feast.  Students placed nine different “foods” in soufflĂ© cups with yeast to see which “foods” would grow yeast.
Honor's Science – Students completed the Seasons Unit Final Test.


Monday, March 10th & Tuesday, March 11th

Monday, March 10th
Students completed the Kids Discover Microbes worksheet. They completed a microorganisms lab - How Sugar Affects the Growth of Yeast. Students placed sugar in one cup of yeast and no sugar in a second cup of yeast and observed how they samples grew. 
Honor's Science – Students completed two seasons assignments dealing with sunrise and sunset times in Utah throughout the year - Sunrise, Sunset and Tracking Sunrise and Sunset.

Tuesday, March 11th
Students completed a microorganisms lab - How Temperature Affects the Growth of Yeast. Students placed yeast and sugar in one warm and one cold cup of water and observed how they grew.  They also watched two microorganisms videos, Quack – Microorganisms and Eye of the Cyclops - Protozoans and Algae.
Honor's Science – Students finished the Tracking Sunrise and Sunset assignment from Monday.  They watched Bill Nye - Seasons.


Tuesday, March 4th

Students completed two microorganisms activity.  The first was What's My DiagnosisStudents were given seven patients and their symptoms.  They used an analysis key to determine which disease they had.  The second activity was the Microorganisms Timeline. Students were given scientists who contributed to our knowledge of microorganisms.  They completed a timeline showing what was done by whom in what year.
Honor's Science – Students completed a seasons lab, Earth's Movement Around the SunStudents used a globe to identify the position of the Earth at each season.  The second activity was  Seasons Four Times a Year. Students shined a light at four different angles, demonstrating the larger the angle, the more direct the sunlight; the smaller the angle, the more indirect the sunlight.