Thursday, May 16th

We continued the Microscopic Exploration activities. 
  • Activity #4 - FabricsStudents examine different fabrics using a hand lens and a microscope.  They compare they structure of each type of fabric.
  • Activity #5 - Salts – Students examine five different types of salt using a hand lens and a microscope.  They compare the structure of each type of salt.


Wednesday, May 15th

We continue Microscopic Exploration today.
  • Activity #3 - Dots & DollarsStudents looked at a piece of a dollar, black-and-white newspaper photos, color newspaper photos, magazine photos, and a penny with their eyes, a hand lens, and a microscope.  They compared what they could see with their eyes, hand lens, and microscope.


Monday, May 13th

After we have finished core testing, I like to try new activates with my students.  If they work well, I will use them next year. I found a book, Microorganisms Exploration, which includes a number of activities to help student learn how to use a microscope.  We did two of those activities today.
  • Activity #1 - Close Up– Student use different materials to learn about magnification of objects.
  • Activity #2 - Fingerprint RidgesStudents make a copy of their right index finger and look at it using a hand lens.  They check for different ridges on their fingerprint.


Wednesday, May 8th

Students finished taking the Utah State 6th Grade Science Assessment.


Tuesday, May 7th

There were no computer or network problems today, so all four classes were able to take the the first section of the core test (1st Hour completed section one yesterday and completed section two today).


Monday, May 6th

Today we were scheduled to begin core testing.  1st hour took the core test.  While taking the test, we had problems connecting with the wi-fi network.  Over a third of the class was kicked out of the system and had to go to another location to take the test.  It was decided to stop testing today.
Students will begin taking the test tomorrow, on computers in a computer lab.  We won’t face wi-fi problems with these computers.  We will test tomorrow and Wednesday.


Thursday, May 2nd

We reviewed for the core test by playing the following games:

Honor's Science – Student completed two labs - heat Lab - When Hot Meets Cold & light Lab - Zig-Zag LightsThe Hot Meets Cold lab demonstrated heat transfer through convection.  Zig-Zag Lights demonstrated the reflection of light.


Wednesday, May 1st

Students completed a heat lab today.
  • Surface Color and Effect on Temperature Change. Students use two white Styrofoam cups.  One was covered with black construction paper.  A thermometer was placed in both cups.  A heat lamp was shined on both cups for twenty-five minutes.  Students checked temperature every five minutes.

They also watched Bill Nye - Heat and completed a worksheet.