Tuesday, December 17th

Students finished the Identifying Phases of the Moon II worksheet.  They identified the Moon’s phase based on the location of the Moon, Sun, and Earth.  They did an activity (Going Through a Phase) demonstrating how the location of the Moon, Sun, and Earth are responsible for the Moon’s phase.  Using a gumball placed on a moveable circle, students shined a flashlight and observed the Moon at different locations, looking at the gumball from their location on Earth.
The Honors Science class finished their Adopt-a-Constellation presentations. The class began working on a create-a-hero-constellation assignment, Should Uncle Fred Be in the Stars.


Thursday, December 12th

Science students took a phases of the Moon quiz.   I’m hoping to finish the unit next week, so I wanted to see what students had learned so far as I’m planning for the next week.  Students read an article titled Lunacy and completed a worksheet.  The article looks at the old wives tale about a full Moon causing bad things to happen.
Honor's Science – Students finished the Constellations of Winter reading and worksheet.


Tuesday, December 10th

Students in the science class finished the Phases of the Moon WebQuest. The Honor's Science class finished the Constellations WebQuest.


Friday, December 6th

Students completed worksheets, identifying phases of the Moon, using pictures, diagrams and descriptions of the phases (Identifying the Phases of the Moon I, Identifying the Phases of the Moon II, Identifying the Phases of the Moon III, and Matching Phases of the Moon).
Honors Science – Students began with constellations unit with the introduction to constellations lecture.


Wednesday, December 4th

Science students took the Constellations Unit Final Test.  Tomorrow we begin the Phases of the Moon unit.
Honor's Science – Students watched four Ask an Astronomer video clips and completed a worksheet.  Tomorrow students will take the size and scale unit test.  Students received a size and scale test review guide.  They also received an Ask and Astronomer fact sheet to help the study for the test.


Tuesday, December 3rd

Student finished their Should Uncle Fred Be in the Stars? presentation to the class.
Honor's Science – Students read two articles, Why the Universe is all History and Would ET Phone or Write? and completed worksheet concerning both articles


Monday, December 2nd

Students completed their Adopt-a-Constellation presentations. They began working on Should Uncle Fred Be in the StarsStudents are to select one of their heroes and create a constellation and write an explanation about why they should be a constellation.  (Their hero had to be a real person.)  They will present their finished project to the class.
Honor's Science – Students did a Size and Scale activity - How Big, How Far, How Old (cards).  Using a set of cards, they divide them into the three categories and rank them accordingly.  They also use that information to answer questions on the worksheet.