Friday, November 30th

We finished the space exploration unit today.  Students took the unit final exam.  Monday, we begin the constellations unit.
Honor's Science Class – Students continued research on the Eyes in the Sky report.


Thursday, November 29th

Students watched, The Universe - The Catastrophes that Changed the Planets.  While watching the episodes, This episode explains how we have learned about major catastrophes on other worlds from space probes we send to study them.
Honor's Science Class – Students continued their research on the Eyes in the Sky report.


Wednesday, November 28th

After talking about satellites yesterday, we looked at what it takes to get that satellite into orbit.  Students completed the activity Marbles in Space.  Students set two grooved rulers on a box.  One ruler was raised three different heights (1”, 2”, & 5”).  Three different sized marbles were run down the ramp and students observed how far they travelled.  After completing Marbles in Space, students completed Satellite Subtraction.  Using subtraction problems, each alphabet letter was given a numerical value.  Using the code, they were able to decode the message.
Honor's Science Class – Students began researching information about satellites for their Eyes in the Sky report.


Tuesday, November 27th

We’re spending the last week of our space exploration unit studying satellites and space probes.  Today, there was a lecture to introduce the topic.
Honor's Science Class – We finished our request for pictures of the Moon (MoonKAM).


Monday, November 19th

Students watched the 5th episode in the When We Left Earth series.  It dealt with the first missions of the space shuttle.  Students completed a worksheet while watching the video.
Honor's Science Class – Students worked on the MoonKAM mission.  They requested photographs of the Moon for later study.


Thursday, November 15th

The Clark Planetarium Astrovan visited ACYI today.  The reason for the seasons was the 6th grade science standard discussed.  It was a great presentation and the students got an excellent introduction to this standard.
Honor's Science Class – Students continued the EarthKAM mission.


Wednesday, November 14th

We reviewed the Size and Scale unit today.  After the review, students who needed to/wanted to retake the test took it.
Honor's Science Class – Students continued the EarthKAM mission.


Tuesday, November 13th

Having watched the video about the Moon landing, students watched Mythbusters - NASA Moon Landing and completed a worksheet.
They looked at five myths.
  • Hoaxers claim that the picture below had to be taken with two lights otherwise the shadows of the lunar module and rocks would be parallel.  They showed that with only the Sun, and uneven terrain, the Sun could have produced the shadows we see.
  • Hoaxers claim the picture below was faked because the astronaut is entirely in the shadow of the lunar module.  They showed there was enough reflected light to produce the picture with the astronaut bright.
  • Hoaxers claim that the footprints on the Moon could only be made on moist soil.  They showed that, in a vacuum and in material similar to the lunar surface, the picture below could have been made on the Moon.
  • Hoaxers claim that the only reason the flag moved was because there had to be a wind.  They showed the flag would move the way the videos showed it did because of the vacuum.  It also only moved when touched by the astronauts.
  • Hoaxers claim the videos showing astronauts walking on the Moon were filmed at high speed so, when played back, it would look like the astronauts were walking in lower gravity.  They showed, through a number of tests, including flying on a Zero-G plane that created Moon gravity on the plane.  This showed slow motion was not involved in making the movies.
  • Finally, they bounced a laser beam off the reflectors left by the Apollo 15 astronauts.  The only way this could occur is if someone left a reflector at the exact site where the Apollo 15 astronauts landed.
The Hoaxers claims were “busted.”
Honor's Science Class – Students began participating in the EarthKAM mission.  The EarthKAM is located on the International Space Station.  Students request photographs of specific locations on the Earth be taken.  They will be taken and made available to the students.


Monday, November 12th

Today students watched When We Left Earth - Landing the Eagle and completed a video worksheet.
Honor's Science Class – Students watched When We Left Earth - Friends and Rivals and completed a video worksheet.


Friday, November 9th

Students watched When We Left the Earth - Friends and Rivals and completed a video worksheet.
Honor's Science Class – Students reviewed Summer on Icarus and identified what is currently scientifically correct and incorrect.  They presented their conclusions to the class.


Thursday, November 8th

Today we began watching the series When We Left the Earth.  This series was broadcast on the Discovery channel.  There are six episodes describing important parts of the space program.  I think it’s important students understand the accomplishments made by the astronauts and employees of NASA.  We watched the first episode, Ordinary Supermen.  The subject was the selection of the Original 7 astronauts and Project Mercury.  Students completed a worksheet while watching the video.


Wednesday, November 7th

Today was the last day to work on Kids Discover Telescope magazine worksheet.  It was due at the end of the hour.  For students who had completed the assignment, there was a crossword puzzle/word search assignment about space exploration.
Honor's Science Class – I’ve wanted to do an assignment with a class where they read a science fiction story and then determined what was accurate and what wasn’t.  Today, students read an Arthur C. Clarke short story, Summer on Icarus.  The story is about a crew working on the asteroid Icarus.  Icarus is an asteroid that approaches close to the Sun.  It took most of the class to read the story.  We will be discussing the story tomorrow. 


Tuesday, November 6th

After reading the Kids Discover Telescope magazine, students began working on the worksheet assignment.  It will be due at the end of class tomorrow.


Monday, November 5th

Today we began the space exploration unit.  In this unit, we will discuss ways we have used technology to learn about the Solar System, Milky Way galaxy, and the Universe.
We read the Kids Discover Telescope magazine as a class.  Students will work on the magazine worksheet tomorrow.