Wednesday, May 23rd

Students completed inference worksheetsWhile working on the assignment, students watched The Universe - How Big? How Far? How Fast?
In the afternoon, students cleaned out lockers and started getting ready for the last days of school.


Tuesday, May 22nd

Students worked on Scientific Method Review worksheets. In the afternoon students worked on the ScienceWorld magazine assignment.


Thursday, May 17th

Students took the Heat, Light, and Sound Unit final exam today.
In the afternoon, students continued working on the ScienceWorld magazine assignment.


Tuesday, May 15th

Students completed a quiz about pitch.  Thursday they will be taking the heat, light, and sound unit final.
They worked on Should Uncle Fred Be in the Stars assignment and presentation.  We completed this assignment earlier in the school year.  This time, there were two conditions added to the assignment.  When creating their constellation, they must select a person and they must know that person.  Student will present their completed assignment to the class.
In the afternoon, students began reading ScienceWorld April 30, 2012 issue and writing article summaries.


Monday, May 14th

All the posters were to be finished and turned in at the end of the hour today.
In the afternoon, students worked on the ScienceWorld magazine assignment.


Thursday, May 10th

Students finished the Decoding Secret Messages activity. 
Student began working on the Light Posters assignments.  Students are to make two posters, one explaining reflection and the other explaining refraction.
Student continued reading ScienceWorld May 14, 2012 issue and complete worksheet.


Wednesday, May 9th

The Heat Posters were due at the end of the hour today.
Students bean working on a light activity - Decoding Secret Messages. Students color-by-number five pictures.  Then, using a color analyzer (3x5 card with diffraction grating, red cellophane, and green cellophane over three different holes) to decode the word or picture. 
In the afternoon, students finished the Mythbusters - Hindenburg Mystery worksheet.
Students started reading ScienceWorld May 14, 2012 issue and began working on a worksheet.  


Tuesday, May 8th

We began the hour by reviewing heat transfer for students who didn’t do well on the Heat Transfer Quiz yesterday.  After we reviewed, students were able to retake the quiz.
Student continued working on the Heat Posters
In the afternoon, we started watching Mythbusters - Hindenburg Mystery.  Student began a worksheet while watching the episode.


Monday, May 7th

Today we began by students taking a Heat Transfer Quiz. Students were given ten pictures showing forms of heat transfer and students identified which form of heat transfer was shown.
Next, students listened to two podcasts - F.I.R.E. - High Flying Aircraft (This podcast discussed how NASA is studying clouds over the Arctic region. It explains how NASA is better trying to understand how clouds affect the environment.) & Volcanoes and Global Warming - The Chilling Effect (This podcast discusses how the eruption of Tambora caused 1816 to be the "year without summer.").  While listening to the podcast, students completed a worksheet.
Students began working on Heat Posters assignments.  Students are to make three different posters showing how heat is transferred by conduction, convection, and radiation. 
Afternoon - watch Mythbusters - Pirate Special and complete worksheet.