Friday, August 31st

Today we finished the series of eight experiments.  You can get a copy of the experiments by clicking here.


Thursday, August 30th

During the first week of school, students are doing a series of  eight experiments.  You can get a copy of the experiments by clicking here.

The purpose of the experiments is to give students an introduction to scientific experiments.  Most students haven't done an experiment in a science class before coming to ACYI.  I want to give them an opportunity to begin doing experiments.

We will continue through Friday.


Screaming Down to Mars

ESA's Mars Express orbiter set its radio antenna to hear the descent of the Mars Science Laboratory. The resulting signal was converted to human-rated audio: MSL's 20-minute entry is compressed to 19 seconds.


Curiosity Landing Photo

Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter took this picture of Curiosity as it lands.

Cool Picture!

Curiosity on Mars!

The Mars Science Laboratory, Curiosity, has successfully landed on Mars!

First Photo