Wednesday, August 31st

Graphs, tables, and charts are an important part of science.  Students will be using them throughout the year as they study science.  Today we began a unit to teach them about these things.

After a lecture (see pgs. 1-5 in the student workbook), students were assigned through page 13 (modified workbook) or page 15 (workbook).

In the afternoon, students watched the Mythbusters – Viewer Questions episode while they worked on the assignment.


Tuesday, August 30th

Click here to get a copy  of the science disclosure statement.

Today students completed two lab activities.
  • Penny DropsStudents determined how many drops of water they can place on a penny.  They repeat the process five times and complete a table showing their results. 
  • HoopsterStudents made a “hoopster” a straw and a 3x5 card.  They tested the hoopster based on the instructions they were given.  Then, the made a second hoopster, this time instead of using one straw they use two and see how it flies.
The purpose of these two activities were to give students an opportunity to complete a lab activity.  The majority of the students haven’t done a lab activity.  This gives them an opportunity to begin to understand the process.


Monday, August 29th

Welcome back to school!

The day was spent giving students lockers, making sure they could open their lockers, and giving them papers they needed to take home to parents.

We reviewed classroom procedure and reviewed the Student Handbook with the students. 

Tomorrow academics begin!


Juno Mission on Its Way to Jupiter

Juno is on its way to Jupiter.  Juno will begin its one year mission in 2016.  The Juno spacecraft will investigate Jupiter's origins, its interior structure, its deep atmosphere and its magnetosphere from an innovative, highly elliptical orbit with a suite of seven science instruments. In addition, a camera called JunoCam will be used by student participants in the Juno Education and Public Outreach program to take the first images of Jupiter's polar regions.

Over the last two years, ACYI student members of Team Eagles, our  radio telescope team, have been assisting mission scientists by collecting data about Jupiter that is being used by the Juno team.  Over the next five years, student team members will continue to collect data about Jupiter.

Here's video of the launch.

Here's a video clip about the mission.