Size and Scale of the Solar System

One of the standards student study in 6th grade science is size and scale of the solar system and universe.

Space.com has an excellent graphic that displays size and scale.  Here it is!

Our solar system to scale from the sun to the most recently discovered dwarf planet Eris in astronomical units.
Source SPACE.com: All about our solar system, outer space and exploration


Shuttle Endeavour and Space Station Together Once More

The space shuttle Endeavour is shown docked at the International Space Station in this first-ever view of the two spacecraft together as seen by astronauts on a nearby Russian Soyuz spacecraft. Expedition 27 crew member Paolo Nespoli from the Soyuz TMA-20 following its undocking on May 23, 2011 during the final flight of shuttle Endeavour, STS-134.  For more pictures, click here.


Fused Six Camera Video of STS-134 Launch

Imaging experts funded by the Space Shuttle Program and located at NASA's Ames Research Center prepared this video by merging nearly 20,000 photographs taken by a set of six cameras capturing 250 images per second at the STS-134 launch on May 16, 2011.


Wednesday, June 1st

This will be the last entry of the school year.  Tomorrow students will be seeing the badminton intramurals championships and watching the Prime Time Minute-to-Win-It champions compete for grade champions. 

Today was a short day.  During class we watched the Mythbusters episode where they blow up a cement mixer.  Great episode!

Students went back to their Prime Time classes at 1:00 p.m. and we watched the movie Despicable Me.