Thursday, June 3rd

T-1 day and counting!

6th/7th Grade

Students who wanted to, launched their bottle rockets.

Mr. Gilmore's class challenged those who didn't want to launch rockets to play steal (capture) the flag.


Wednesday, June 2nd

We had some great weather today, so we spent the day launching the students bottle rockets. We had some interesting flight patterns - from a pinwheel flight about 15 feet in the air and landing about 30 feet away to a straight flight around 80 feet high.

Students had a good time today.

T-2 days and counting.


Tuesday, June 1st

T-3 days and counting!

Here's what we did today.

Because of weather, we didn't launch bottle rockets. The weather report for tomorrow is partly cloudy and temperatures in the 70's. It will be great weather for launching rockets.

6th (1st & 2nd Hour) & 7th Grade

We watched the science fiction movie classic Forbidden Planet.

Today was the 6th grade dance during 5th & 6th hour, so no students were in class this afternoon.