Thursday, December 14th

Science/Honors Science

Planets end of unit Assessment.
Watched Bill Nye Atoms and completed worksheet.


Tuesday, December 12th


How Big is Our Universe reading and worksheet.
Smallest to the Largest worksheet.

Honors Science

Reviewed JMARS (tutorial). Students will use JMARS when they begin working on their project.


Monday, December 11th

Science/Honors Science

Watched Cosmic Voyage and completed worksheet.
Began How Big is My Universe reading and worksheet.



Tuesday, December 5th


Students are learning how to use tables and graphs to answer questions about the planets. They completed two assignments – Solar System Worksheet - Classifying the Planets and Solar System Worksheet - Can You Planet?

Honors Science

Students are learning about the Tharsis region by Analyzing THEMIS images of Mars Tharsis region.


Monday, December 4th

Science/Honors Science

Read Kids Discover Planets and completed worksheet.


Wednesday, November 29th

Science/Honors Science

Finished 95 Worlds and Counting and completing worksheet.
Began reading Kids Discover Planets.
Handed out Inertia review sheet and study guide for test December 5th.


Monday, November 27th

Science/Honors Science

Inertia Lab - Coin Drop. Students placed a cardboard square over a cup, placed a penny on it, and flicked the card. The card moved and the penny fell into the cup.
Inertia Lab - A Body at Rest. Students placed different objects on a sheet of paper and pulled it rapidly. The objects stayed in place.
Inertia Lab - The Incredible, Edible Egg. Students determined a hard-boiled egg spins faster than a raw egg because the raw egg moves around and stops the spin.


Thursday, November 16th


Gravity Activity - Heavyweight Champion: Jupiter. Students determined how much they would weigh on each planet as well as determine how far they could jump on another planet.

Honors Science

Student continued the Mars Image Analysis assignment (PowerPointworksheetsimages).


Wednesday, November 15th

Science/Honors Science

Gravity Lab - How Low Can You Go? Students compared the mass of different objects, including two cubes the same size, one made of wood and the other metal, as well as three ½” balls – one a metal ball bearing, one a marble, and one a rubber ball.


Tuesday, November 14th


Students read 6.1.2 (gravity review) in OER book and answered focus questions.

Honors Science

Mars Image Analysis (PowerPointworksheetsimages).


Monday, November 13th

Science/Honors Science

Gravity Unit Formative Assessment.
Gravity Lab - Pull of the Planets.


Wednesday, November 8th

Science/Honors Science

Read Gravity Articles I and completed a worksheet.
Read Gravity Articles II and completed a worksheet.


Tuesday, November 7th

Science/Honors Science

Watched When We Left Earth - Friends and Rivals and competed a worksheet.


Monday, November 6th

All 6th grade students attended STEM fair at the Fairgrounds in the morning.
When we returned, Mr. Frenzel demonstrated Galileo’s experiment using pumpkins.
Watched Head Rush - Exploding Drinking Glass.


Friday, November 3rd

Science/Honors Science

Watched Science Court - Gravity and completed a worksheet

Students read Gravity Reading article and completed worksheet.


Thursday, November 2nd

Science/Honors Science

Finished gravity unit lecture (notes).
Watched Bill Nye - Gravity and worksheet.


Wednesday, November 1st

Science/Honors Science

We began the gravity unit today. Students took the Gravity Unit Pre-Assessment. We began gravity unit lecture (notes).


Tuesday, October 31st

Science/Honors Science

Students completed the Seasons Posters assignment.

Monday, October 30th


Science/Honors Science

Students watched When We Left Earth - Ordinary Supermen and completed worksheet.



Wednesday, October 25th

Students completed the Seasons Direct/Indirect Heat Energy Formative Assessment.
Students completed a Seasons Lab - Earth's Movement Around the Sun.


Tuesday, October 24th


Direct/Indirect Heat Energy Lab - Sun's Height Above the Horizon.
Completed seasons graphic organizers (The SolsticesHeight of Sun Above HorizonSeasons Facts).

Honors Science

Finished Blue Marble Matches.


Monday, October 23rd

Science/Honors Science

Students finished The Shadow Knows.
Students completed a Direct/Indirect Heat Energy Lab - Why is Summer Hot?


Monday, October 16th

Science/Honors Science

In order for students to see how the Sun changes positions during the year, we began a project where students will record the position of the Sun every week or two on a worksheet.
We also began working on a direct/indirect heat energy activity - How Angle Affects Intensity of Heat Energy.